Text Box: Wind Environment / Microclimate &
Comfort Assessment

Large buildings and / or modern complex  structures can impact adversely on the  wind environment at pedestrian (ground) level.  At worst, this can seriously affect the use and the raison d’etre of the building, but it can also affect the utilisation of spaces around the building. 

The assessment of the wind environment around large complex structures is therefore a important part of the design of such buildings.  Additionally, it now forms part of the EIA.

We offer a comprehensive assessment service which includes :


Initial consultancy / feasibility reviews

- working with architects and master planners at the early design and concept  stages to advise on wind effects.


Formal desk studies

- for smaller buildings and less complex structures - using our experience coupled with local meteorological conditions to assess ground level wind speeds qualitatively.


Qualitative sand scour

- a powerful and cost effective tool to be used as a precursor to more detailed studies on large complex developments or for less complex shapes


Quantitative – Detailed wind tunnel tests

- the ultimate tool in assessing wind effects enabling comfort assessments to be con ducted and can be extended to include wind loads and plume dispersion.

Sand Scouring -  to highlight areas of high wind speeds

Enstec Services

Consultants in Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
Specialists in Air Quality and Wind Environment

Wind Speed rose - before and after

The use of remedial measures

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