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Enstec Services is an independent practice offering environmental and fluid dynamics consultancy to a wide range of industries including the Nuclear, Petrochemical, Offshore and Chemical Industries.

Enstec Services was founded in 1990 by Dr. Shyam Singh, an experienced environmental consultant with over 40 years' experience gained from a multitude of projects and industries including the chemical, nuclear, and oil and gas sectors. Although much of his initial work was on air quality, he is recognised as being highly experienced in managing and peer reviewing environmental impact assessments and virtually all studies involving environmental management and assessments. He is also a BSI certified lead auditor for ISO 14001.


We specialise in air quality and wind effects on structures.   This includes indoor and ambient air quality arising from all manner of sources - from industrial, point sources to roads  - from buoyant plumes and jets to dense gases such as LNG.  It also includes the assessment of wind speeds and the wind environment around tall buildings and complex structures.


 Our expertise includes:  dispersion modelling, wind tunnel testing, dust and odour assessment, emissions monitoring, indoor air quality,  ventilation, and industrial health & safety including COSHH assessments.


We also have strong links with several establishments and offer the full spectrum of environmental services including environmental impact assessments and environmental management and auditing.



Dr. Singh is also well versed in the preparation and provision of expert testimonies.

Enstec Services

Consultants in Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
Specialists in Air Quality and Wind Environment

Incorporated in England and Wales.

Registered number 06412511. 

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141 Queen Edith�s Way