National Air Quality Archive

The UK air Quality Archive - for air quality data including data on background concentrations and information on Local Air Quality Management 

Related Links

The following are just a few links to some of the numerous websites with information and data relating to air quality.


UK Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs - for air quality information,  policy,  strategy, current issues and latest news.

Environment Agency -  UK

The UK Environment Agency - for information on air quality and emissions and publications relating to air quality.  Also links to the Air Quality Modelling and Assessment Unit.

US Environmental Protection Agency

For additional links to air quality data, emissions and information relating to pollution and its effect on the environment.

National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory

For information on air pollution and emissions within the UK.  Emissions maps are also available.

European Environment Agency

For information relating to the environment in Europe including reports and data.


Enstec Services

Consultants in Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
Specialists in Air Quality and Wind Environment

Incorporated in England and Wales.

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